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I have a huge soft spot for twins. I have 4 year old identical twin girls myself and there is something so magical about watching the connection between twins. Sahana and Parina were no exception, they curled into each other and seemed to find such a comfort when the other was there. It was a dream photoshoot Here is a quick glimpse into our session

I met Oliver’s mom before he was even born, she introduced me to quite a few of my clients. When he made his grand entrance, he was the first newborn with red hair that I had the chance to photograph. What a privilege! Each time I see him, I walk away smiling. He has such a beautiful impact on you and has truly grown into such a lovely boy. One thing always remains, he radiates, his little face is so full of personality, that it is almost impossible to find him not smiling. Here is a sneak peek of some of my favorite photos from his birthday shoot.

There is something so wonderful about being there during the first few days that a family changes, whether it is adding the first child or the fourth child. I love watching children take on a new role in the family, as big brother or big sister. I met Austin and his family well over a year ago, in a park for one of my mini shoots. Every time I see him, he leaves a lasting impression with me. His joy is contagious. This time I have the privilege of seeing him as a big brother, and he sure has embraced his new role. Here are a few of the images we captured during his brother Dylans newborn photoshoot.

Shannon Jensen Photography – San Diego Newborn Photographer

Here is a glimpse into little Alexandra’s first birthday album. She has such a beautiful smile, and sweet disposition. It was great to meet up with her and her parents again.

I often get requests to go to the beach for newborn and milestone shoots. For newborns it can be lovely, but it is also hit and miss because it can be quite cold at the edge of the water (babies like warmth) and there are typically lots of people you are trying to avoid in the photos, so we play it by ear. The beach also has harsh shadows the majority of the day, and as a natural light photographer, I rarely will enhance a photo with a flash (I like the colors and softness of the natural light). So I often recommend a more rustic location that is shaded (you can control the warmth, the babies/children do not squint with the bright sun and you have much more control over lighting). All that being said, I find that beach shoots are my favorite, when you luck out with clouds in the sky, or low tides, there is no place I would rather be. This day was perfect, Alexandra and her parents were so easy going and lovely, the weather was warm, the golden glow lit up the sky, and most importantly, being in January the beaches were not crowded with tourists.