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San Diego Newborn Photographer | Introducing Rowen and Myia

Shannon Jensen Photography – Introducing Rowen and Myia

I have enjoyed a string of boy/boy twins. That string was broken with these tiny sweet boy/girl twins. It was nice to finally have a little girl in the mix. Rowen and Myia were so incredibly sweet, they absolutely adored being curled up together. That is one of the special things about twins, they have always been together from the beginning. My girls still sit on the couch with their legs crossing their sister’s legs without thinking anything of it.

It was such a joy to spend the afternoon with Rowen and Myia’s moms and their grandparents, you could tell these two little ones are surrounded by love in all directions and will have a fun and exciting life ahead of them. It is always such an honor to meet these tiny newborns when they are just a few days old, while watching how seamlessly they mold into their new family.

Here is a brief glimpse into the album that their parents just received.

Sending you warm wishes over these holidays,

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